Makyaj Make-Up Lamp

Lightning Design Focus: Makyaj Make-Up Lamp

A Good Lightning design example, the Makyaj is a creative Make-up Lamp design. Makyaj was designed in 2009, and here is a how it is described by its designer: I always found it ironic that the Make-up lights which are used especially at fashion indus <Cropped>

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Bean Buro's Valley House Residential Apartment

Bean Buro Spotlights The Valley House Residential Apartment

Bean Buro, the author of the displayed work Award Winning Valley House Residential apartment explains, The project is an apartment for three generations to co live together in Hong Kong. This design development of this project was very challenging be <Cropped>

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Smart Refrigerator by Fang Cheng Dong & Hai Meng Fang

Fang Cheng Dong & Hai Meng Fang Creates The Sliver-Touch Smart Refrigerator

Fang Cheng Dong & Hai Meng Fang, the maker of the awarded project Smart Refrigerator by Fang Cheng Dong & Hai Meng Fang spells out, When users put their food into the refrigerator, the intelligent control system of this refrigerator can ident <Cropped>

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Bag by Veronica Jibodh

Veronica Jibodh Creates The Mini Tote Bag

Veronica Jibodh, the creator of the highlighted project Mini Tote - Bag by Veronica Jibodh demonstrates, A luxurious, small tote that can carry all you need for a day out. It is stylish enough to complement your chicest evening looks. Tired of carryi <Cropped>

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Electric Bicycle by Diavelo Protanium and Centro Stile

Diavelo Protanium and Centro Stile Shares The Mccorse Electric Bicycle

Diavelo Protanium and Centro Stile, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Electric bicycle by Diavelo Protanium and Centro Stile demonstrates, The Maserati electric bike is a new product and sets the standard for a upcoming category in the el <Cropped>

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Heritage Estate by David Chang

David Chang Discloses The Heritage Estate Show Flat

David Chang, the designer of the award winning design Award Winning Heritage Estate Show Flat says, Beijing Heritage Estate Clubhouse is located in the core area of CPD, Beijing, exclusively enjoying the rarity of geographic and environmental advanta <Cropped>

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Cannibalumin-Luminaire by Nima Bavardi

Nima Bavardi Shares The Cannibalumin Luminaire

Nima Bavardi, the author of the award winning project Cannibalumin - Luminaire by Nima Bavardi demonstrates, The particular shape of the annular luminaire is inspired by king snake and the phenomenon of the self-cannibalism; If these snakes get too h <Cropped>

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Swack Fusion Pack Gen 2 by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Creates The Swack Fusion Pack Gen 2 Sweater/Vess Backpack Design

The architect of the awarded work Sweater/vess backpack design by Acclaimed Designer says, Unique properties are, the fusion of the sweater backpack. The Gen 2 Swack Fusion pack has newer materials and uses the newest technology. There is only one in <Cropped>

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Wine Labels Design by Giovanni Murgia-Redfish Adv

Giovanni Murgia-Redfish Adv Shows The Vinicola Cherchi Wine Labels Design

Giovanni Murgia - Redfish Adv, the creative mind behind the award winning work Award Winning Vinicola Cherchi Wine labels design explicates, For a historic winery in Sardinia, since 1970, it has been designed the restyling of labels for "The Cla <Cropped>

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Sha Yang's Movable Wooden Animals Toy

Sha Yang Shows The Movable Wooden Animals Toy

Sha Yang, the creator of the displayed project Award Winning Movable wooden animals Toy explains, The diversity animal toys are moving with different ways, simple but fun. The abstract animal shapes absorb children to imagine.There are 5 animals in t <Cropped>

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