Space:wink by Masakazu Shirane + Saya Miyazaki

Masakazu Shirane + Saya Miyazaki Presents The Wink Space

Masakazu Shirane + Saya Miyazaki, the author of the highlighted project Wink by Masakazu Shirane + Saya Miyazaki explicates, This ephemeral architecture is the common ground between architecture and art. This unique work, exhibited at the Kobe Biennial 2013 in Japan, has been designed to please the eye and meet easy-assembly requirements, zipping any of it's components to the next one making a perfect art piece that changes as you walk inside of it. The relationship between the structure itself and the visitors is quite close, since anyone can open or close any of its parts as if it was a window. The intention of this work is to show anyone how architecture can be also, lightweight and mobile..

Space:wink by Masakazu Shirane + Saya Miyazaki Images:


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