Air Lines by Didier Wolff/Happy Design Studio

Didier Wolff/Happy Design Studio Discloses The Air Lines Aircraft Livery Design

Didier Wolff / HAPPY DESIGN STUDIO, the author of the displayed work AIR LINES - Aircraft Livery Design by Didier Wolff / HAPPY DESIGN STUDIO demonstrates, The whole design concept is born from a ceramic tile detail which equips the client’s aircraft interior luxurious table ware set.
Its extrapolation has aimed to one of the most complex design painted onto an aircraft as of today.Made of 5 colors, 4 of which supporting a fading effect from the front door to the last window, the aircraft reveals its design details only when approaching for boarding.
Series of 150 vertical 6 stripes sets from 6mm to 3 cm each coat the entire body gracefully appearing from window to window, from white to full color. .

Air Lines by Didier Wolff/Happy Design Studio Images:


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