World Design Hub 2015

Dublin, Ireland Has Been Named World Design Hub 2015

Dublin, Ireland was designated as World Design Hub 2015. In summary, this means a series of design events and activities to be held in Dublin and Ireland. Activities such as design exhibitions, conferences, workshops, symposiums, and awards will be a <Cropped>

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Tail Chair by in-Hwan Hwang

In-Hwan Hwang Shares The Tail Chair Chair

In-hwan Hwang, the lead designer of the award winning design chair:Tail Chair by In-hwan Hwang points out, Tail chair is motivated from waves and whale tail above water surface. This motif was developed into simple form that two different materials <Cropped>

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Chengdu Design Week

This Article Covers The a-Design Award Competition Exhibition and Conference Events During Chengdu Design Week-Master of Design Top 100 Products

The A' Design Award & Competition Exhibition was invited by the Chinese Government and taken to Chengdu China to be shown as a part of the Chengdu Creativity Design Industry Expo and as a part of the Masters of Design Top 100 Product Designs <Cropped>

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Bad Design Award

Perhaps Not as What You Would Be Expecting, But The Bad Design Awards Page Is Actually For Good Designers

Do you have a terrible design that you wish to nominate for the worst design? We all do, however there are some technical (and legal) issues for this, so for the time being you will have to suffice with the Bad Design Awards website which is aimed to <Cropped>

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Kyoung Kim's Opus Grande Princess Watch

Kyoung Kim Creates The Opus Grande Princess Watch

Kyoung Kim, the thinktank behind the awarded work Award Winning Opus Grande Princess Watch explicates, The pursuit and passion for the perfect timepiece has brought forth the birth of Aritani watches. The four main diamonds on the face of the watch i <Cropped>

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Free Design Competitions

Free Could Mean a Sense of Freedom, Lack of Requirement, No Payment or Cheapness. Here Are The Four Types of Free Design Competitions and How to Find Them

At Design Competition list at you will be given thousand different design awards, competitions and contests, among them some are free(1), and some others are free(2), free(3) or free(4) : Here is what I mean: Some are free(1) <Cropped>

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Tonettidesign's Kallisto Taps Group and Shower Head

Tonettidesign Designs The Kallisto Taps Group and Shower Head

tonettidesign, the thinktank behind the displayed design KALLISTO by tonettidesign explains, KALLISTO consists of two elements: the group taps and the shower head on the wall. The faucet unit that, in a single formal element, encloses three different <Cropped>

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Designers Day Logo Redesign

Become a Design Hero by Designing The Designers Day Logo-An Annual Day Each Year That Celebrates The Design Profession. Think and Illustrate a New Designers’ Day Logo – Graphic Symbol Which Confronts The Following Technical Requirements: 1. The Logo

Become a design hero by designing the designers day logo - an annual day each year that celebrates the design profession. think and illustrate a new designers’ day logo – graphic symbol which confronts the following technical requirements: 1. the <Cropped>

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Latest Design Competitions

Are You Looking For The Latest Design Competitions, Contests and Awards, If Your Answer Is Yes, The Competition Alerts Website Is Where You Must Go

The Competition Alerts webpage, lists all the new and upcoming design competitions and contests around the world. You will have a chance to join the competitions earlier and prepare in advance so that you could submit the best design. The list of des <Cropped>

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Hatton Place-Residential Apartment by Regina Kwok

Regina Kwok Creates The Hatton Place Residential Apartment

Regina Kwok, the lead designer of the displayed project Award Winning Hatton Place Residential Apartment points out, The contrast between the lush Lung Fu Mountain at the apartment’s backside, and the front view of Hong Kong’s high-rises inspire <Cropped>

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