Washer Panel Interface by Eico Design

Eico Design Portrays The Project Halo Washer Panel Interface

eico design, the creator of the highlighted project eico design's Project Halo Washer panel interface points out, This is an brand new interface concept for washer. You will find it much more easier to use on this touch screen than lots of butto <Cropped>

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Hospital:kuwait Children’s Hospital by Agi Architects

Agi Architects Discloses The Kuwait Children’s Hospital Hospital

Agi Architects, the creator of the awarded work Agi Architects's Kuwait Children’s Hospital Hospital explicates, The proposed design for the Kuwait Children’s Hospital (KCH) is conceived as a Landmark that responds to climate and culture, an <Cropped>

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David Hoppenbrouwers's Hoek Af Table, Chairs

David Hoppenbrouwers Designs The Hoek Af Table, Chairs

David Hoppenbrouwers, the thinktank behind the awarded project table, chairs by David Hoppenbrouwers explains, “Hoek af “ literally translated in English means "missing a corner", but when you say somebody misses a corner in dutch it me <Cropped>

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Public Space Design Competition: "precast Concrete Urban Furniture & Sport"

Improve Our Health and Our Environment. Create Original Street/Urban Furniture Using Precast Concrete With The Theme of Sports. Think Oustide The Frame. Consider Design For All, Sustainable Development

Improve our health and our environment. create original street/urban furniture using precast concrete with the theme of sports. think oustide the frame. consider design for all, sustainable development..

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Sketchy-Table by Xenofon Hector Grigorelis

Xenofon Hector Grigorelis Creates The Sketchy Table

Xenofon Hector Grigorelis, the thinktank behind the highlighted project Award Winning Sketchy Table demonstrates, The primary operation is using it as a dinning table & secondly as a sketch board. The challenge was how to make this long dinning <Cropped>

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Stuart Winterbourn & Matt Wilkie's Romotow Mobile Home

Stuart Winterbourn & Matt Wilkie Designs The Romotow Mobile Home

Stuart Winterbourn & Matt Wilkie, the lead designer of the displayed project Mobile Home by Stuart Winterbourn & Matt Wilkie says, The Romotow is created for today’s innovation savvy generation, with a contemporary mobile living design that <Cropped>

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Office Building:tidfore Group by Artco Design (hk) Ltd

Artco Design (hk) Ltd Demonstrates The Tidfore Group Office Building

Artco Design (HK) Ltd , the maker of the award winning project Office building by Artco Design (HK) Ltd points out, "Innovation, Speed, Cooperation, Passion" The motto of client's company which is in the area of Heavy Industry that man <Cropped>

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