How a Design Award Is Creating a Better World

Learn How a Design Competition Could Actually Improve Your Quality of Life

There are many philanthropic organizations with almost all of them with a goal of improving the quality of life, conditions of life, human rights, ecology etc. The A (Prime) Design Award and Competition aims to improve the quality of life of citizens <Cropped>

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Advertising Film:akeladin by Y&r Thailand & Krungsri Auto

Y&r Thailand & Krungsri Auto Shares The Akeladin Advertising Film

Y&R Thailand & Krungsri Auto, the architect of the award winning work Award Winning Akeladin Advertising Film explains, To create more engagement, we introduce ‘ScreenSync’ technology where viewers can discover secrets that are not in the <Cropped>

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Award Winning Commodia Chest of Drawers

Eckhard Beger Demonstrates The Commodia Chest of Drawers

Eckhard Beger, the author of the awarded work Chest of Drawers:Commodia by Eckhard Beger says, Commodia by ArteNemus is a chest of drawers with organic surfaces and shapes. Its high-end appearance is emphasized by the use of figured wood species of e <Cropped>

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2015 Better Philadelphia Challenge: The Future of Petty Island

This Annual Competition (formerly The Ed Bacon Student Design Competition) Challenges University-level Students From Around The World to Address Real-world Urban Design Issues in Philadelphia That Have Application Not Only to Our City, But to Urban Center

This annual competition (formerly the ed bacon student design competition) challenges university-level students from around the world to address real-world urban design issues in philadelphia that have application not only to our city, but to urban c <Cropped>

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Bid For World Design Hub

Applications For World Design Hub Designation Are Open. Apply to Become The Center of World Design to Promote Your City

The International Association of Designers (IAD) announced the launch of the World Design Hub (WDH) application cycle for the next designation, which will mark a new cycle for this global design awareness initiative. IAD invites representatives of de <Cropped>

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The Light in The Bubble's The Light in The Bubble Lamp

The Light in The Bubble Reveals The The Light in The Bubble Lamp

The light in the bubble, the thinktank behind the displayed design lamp by The light in the bubble demonstrates, The light in the bubble is a modern light bulb in memory of the old filament Edison's bulb light. This is a led light source fitte <Cropped>

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Outreach For Good Design

Participating in International Design Awards Such as The a-Prime Design Award Can Be Great Public Relations and Publicity Tools For Designers

Winning design awards are highly satisfying for designers, their clients and workers. Winning an internationally recognized design award such as the A' Design Award can be a great recognition of the work you do as a design professional and peer <Cropped>

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Laura Ferrario's Le Coffret-Chambres D'hôtes Visual Identity

Laura Ferrario Portrays The Le Coffret-Chambres D'hôtes Visual Identity

Laura Ferrario, the maker of the displayed project Le Coffret - Chambres D'Hôtes - Visual Identity by Laura Ferrario demonstrates, Le Coffret is a charming design bed and breakfast in the heart of Valle d'Aosta. The project was conceived i <Cropped>

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Publishing a Design Book

Your Design Book Could Be Useful For Promoting Your Design Business and Your Name as An Expert Designer. Here Is How to Get It Published

You can of course DIY and publish your design book yourself. You can even construct your own house; you are a designer. However as we all know, somethings are better left to the experts that are specialized in their own fields, those who have establi <Cropped>

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Award Winning Designers Breakthrough Guide Graphic Design Breakthrough

Shadi Al Hroub Discloses The Designers Breakthrough Guide Graphic Design Breakthrough

Shadi Al Hroub, the thinktank behind the award winning work Graphic Design breakthrough:Designers Breakthrough Guide by Shadi Al Hroub explains, This book is about graphic design; it provides explicit, the detailed look at design structure as proce <Cropped>

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