Organic Table:lunar by Architect Georgi Draganov

Architect Georgi Draganov Designs The Lunar Organic Table

Architect Georgi Draganov, the designer of the awarded design organic table:Lunar by Architect Georgi Draganov demonstrates, The inspiration for the design piece comes from Apollo Lunar Spider. Therefore, there comes the name Lunartable. The Lunar <Cropped>

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World Design Hub 2015-dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland Has Been Designated as World Design Hub 2015-the First City to Receive The Recognition as a Center of World Design Where Design Events Will Be Held Throughout The Year

Dublin will be hosting more than 30 design events this year to create a global awareness for good design practices and principles. The events will target both the public as well as press members, designers and companies in order to create opportuniti <Cropped>

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World Design Awards

World Design Awards Call For Entries and Nominations of Best Design Work From All Countries

Time draws near for nomination of innovative designs, cutting-edge products, high-tech goods, original architecture, the best services, new fashion items, genius ideas, bright concepts, appealing transportation designs, grand design works and outstan <Cropped>

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Ride On Baby

The Contest Is Looking For Innovative Concepts For a New Ride-on by Chiccoride On, Baby! Chicco Is Searching For Innovation Among Ride-on Toys, to Help Babies and Kids Develop Their Sense of Movement and Their Physical Skills. What We Are Looking For

The contest is looking for innovative concepts for a new ride-on by chiccoRide on, baby! chicco is searching for innovation among ride-on toys, to help babies and kids develop their sense of movement and their physical skills. what we are looking <Cropped>

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Maurie Novak's Prism Coffee Table

Maurie Novak Demonstrates The Prism Coffee Table

Maurie Novak, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Prism by Maurie Novak explains, Prism is a table that tells a story. No matter what angle you look at this table from it will show you something new. Like a prism refracting light - this table t <Cropped>

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Global Design Awards

The Global Design Awards Are Calling For Entries in Arts, Architecture, Product Design and Engineering

The Worlds' leading design accolade reaching design enthusiasts in over 180 countries in 40 languages is now calling for entries. A' Global Design Award winning works are translated to all major languages in order to connect design lovers, <Cropped>

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High End Tv by Vestel Id Team

Vestel Id Team Creates The La Torre High End Tv

Vestel Id Team, the creative mind behind the displayed work La Torre by Vestel Id Team spells out, In this design, there is no front cover holding the display. The TV is hold by the back cabinet hidden behind the display panel. The eloxal thin bezel <Cropped>

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Hometex Amsterdam

International Interior and Design Trade Fair For Home Textile, Interior Decoration as Well as Furniture and Accessories For Home

Visit Hometext to 1. Book in face-to-face appointments with key suppliers, 2. Meet the latest projects and new technologies. 3. Connect with new suppliers, customers and business partners in the industry, 4. Network with your customers from across th <Cropped>

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